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The Desert Type is a hardy adaptation that thrive in the arid dunes of Vita. Their sleek hides are resistant to the bite of the sun and sand, and are excellent camoflauge. Thanks to trade established by the arrival of humans, many inhabitants of the desert cluster around a large oasis close to shore to form a bustling marketplace.


Most Desert Types are born, gaining their appearance through genetics. However, there are tales and rumors among the desert of a special blossom - making it a catalyst to change companions to this type. But this flower is very difficult to come by, as it only grows from decaying roots buried just beneath the sand. It is said that the remaining life of the tree collects in this blossom, surviving from very faint rays of light through the sand. During special nights, it may even begin to glow slightly under the dunes but it is mostly found by wanderers on accident.


Many Desert types still live in solitude or small villages. Sandstorms or disappearances of water often cause these Kasarians to be on the move, so many treasures and belongings are lost to the sands waiting to be found again.

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