• Indifferent
  • Pretentious
  • Blunt


  • Male


  • 12 (45-50 in human years)


  • Mainland (Casacentral)


  • Mika's Companion; Kasaria Relations Specialist


Whig was born as the heir to a big name company in Casacentral. Both of his parents required him to attend prestigious schools and start at the bottom of the company to prove he was fit to become CEO on his own. Throughout his years upon years of working his way to the top, his determined personality created a much colder, professional appearance. When the time came, his parents proudly declared him the new CEO and left him to run the company on his own.

When Gaea Corp arrived on Kasaria, they sought out a new business partner on the new planet who could help them learn the ways of Kasaria and its economy. "Whig" was hired Gaea Corp's spokesperson and has been enjoying the luxury of helping two companies to prosper at once without the traditional involvement that business Kasatarians have to do. As a result, he may have possibly gained a few pounds.

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