• Independent
  • Goal-oriented
  • Serious


  • Female


  • 29


  • English


  • Secretary


Robin was born into a household with many brothers and a father who worked in a cubicle for long hours a day. Her mother stayed at home and took care of the children, and she raised her sons with the expectation of them to be successful and work at a well-renowned business. Robin didn't care to follow her mother's path and raise a bunch of children, so she competed with her brothers for a career. She was able to work in an office fresh out of high school, but it wasn't an office of importance.

Once the world started talking about a new and initiative company, Gaea Corp, Robin knew what she wanted. She contacted them immediately and did as much as she could to gain a position there. The four men who ran Gaea Corp didn't really need another member of the main staff members, but Khaled saw potential in Robin and hired her as a secretary. Robin was angry that she was only given the secretary position, so she works very hard to prove her worth and with the hope that she will be promoted.