Kwang-Sun EditEdit


  • Calculating
  • Dedicated
  • Condescending


  • Male


  • 45


  • Korean


  • Vice President of Gaea Corp

Background EditEdit

At a young age, his parents engaged Kwang-Sun and his siblings in math and science. They were delighted to find out that Kwang-Sun had a natural talent for mathematics, and even that he loved doing it. It didn't come as a surprise during Kwang-Sun's freshman year of high school when he announced that he was going to study abroad at a well ranked university.

After Kwang-Sun graduated, he joined the school's faculty. He got a good salary, but wasn't satisfied with the lack of number crunching. On one of his travels with his class to a third world country to conduct surveys, he met Khaled, a strong-willed man with an idea to make a green company to save the Earth. Kwang-Sun thought it was a bit of a risk, but he saw great opportunities for profits and accepted Khaled's offer to join the new company, Gaea Corp.